tisdag 9 november 2010

Tervigon work log part 3

Aloha ppl,

So i got some color on the dudet, but im still far from done on her, i have hade a lot of stuff going on lately and i have not hade the time that i need on my tervigon. but i got to sitt down and get some flats on there. one thing that i did rong was the color on the eggs did them first in some flash color that was more orange then pink that i was aming for. so they tunrd out to suck a lot. so i did a mix of liche purpel and skull white for a half dark pink color. i then gave it a devil mud wash to bring it down some more after that i gave the rast of the modell a brown color to give it some more of that organic dirty look. keep in mind that this is just the first pass and im far from done.

the only color that is not on is the bleached bone on all the claws and spikes. will be working some more on the eggs ones i get back home from my tripp going off to say hey to my perents. looking forward to se the new houes they have now.

and here are some pics of the WIP i have so far

enjoy ^^

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