måndag 1 november 2010

Tervigon work log part 2


so here is part 2 of my work log on my tervigon. so far so good but i have done some bloppers here and there haha.
first problem:

so after it hade been in the oven and i was going to assemble all the pieces and i forgot the place of the eggs, not cool man.

Problem two:

i brok the foot off as i was working on the dudet and i flippt out, but in the end i fixt it so ok now, but it took me some time to get it back in place.

Here is a you can se the the top of the tervigon, she has got eggs all over her body. did this to make it look bad ass!!! the only problem that i have hade is that i did not make the extra armor work on it.

So after that all the eggs where glued on i got in there and did some green stuff work. im not happy whit the result but it is the best that i can do atm. so all in all im happy but i know that in time it will get a lot better. but you need to start some where hehe.

the main problem of is that i cant make that good wines just yet, they come out a bit gay as you can se on the images to the right.

and on some other news!! this game looks awsome and i want it a lot!!

well that is all that i have for now

cya ppl muffin

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