måndag 1 november 2010

The Brood!!!

Aloha ppl,

well here is a post that ppl have been asking me about, what is in your army and how dos it look.
well the army is not that small but in the same time it is not one of the bigest. id like to say that i have a lot to wing in it, and i like it a lot.

well here is the list of all the stuff that is in it and as you can se there is a lot of work left on it. feel like it is going to take me forever to get it done haha. but on the other hand now i have somthing to do for a year or two.

here we go so buckel up dude!!! (note that this is what i need to work on, and is not my play list)


Hive Tyrent
Hive guard x2


Lictor brood x3
Ymgarl Genestealer x8 ( need to do green stuff work on them to)
Zoanthrope x3
Venomthrope x2


Termagunt x20
Termagunt x10 (spin fist)
Termagunt x10 (Devourer)
Hormagunts x20
Genestealer x 8
Brood lord x1 (need green stuff work)
Tervigon x1 (WIP)
Tyranid Warrior x 7

Fast Atack

Ravener x2

Heavy support

Biovore x2
Carnifex x2

things that are done now is 1 Carnifex,1Trygon,Deathleaper and one Red terror (Revener)

well there you go that is what i need to fix and get some paint on. im still working on my army list and will post it ones it is done, need to do 2-3 different typs so that i can wing in a bit.

cya ppl


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