torsdag 28 oktober 2010


So i got to work at last on my tervigon, and i know that this is going to be fun to work on i can se it now. but i have done to big bloppers now first was that i put some magnets in the front legs, i forgot that this guy is not going to be megnatist at all will put him to the base its easyer that way i think. and the other thing that i did was i forgot about the claws i glued in my legs and then i sa that there was no room for the claws so i panic a bit and put them in but then the legs fel off the modell and i was all over the place at that moment. But after a while i got back on the horse i got my legs in place and the clwas to, but it looks a bit gay i must say. just have to wing it from here it will turn out ok in the end i think, but my main pose for the modell is now gone =( haha.

well that is that, here are some pics of what i got for now enjoy it ppl.

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