fredag 8 oktober 2010

Work station and a Terminator


well i sa that i hade a pic on the camera of my work station and feelt way not post it on the blogg, so here it is this is the small space that i spend most of my time and life at. have the awsome painting tha my bro did as a weding gift for me. so when im not working on some warhammer stuff im working on the computer or playing xbox. i have all my fun in the same place !!!

here are some pic of a terminator that i did for a buddy of my, was my first try doing this guys and they where fun to paint. not as heard as the tyranids that i have been working on, all i need to get a better hang over is how to blend the colors better on the open spaces. im happy how the white turnd out, a lot better then i hade hoped my self if i my say so.

well that is all for now,

cya muffin ^_^

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