fredag 15 oktober 2010


Aloha ppl,

been some time sens the last post i know, but i have been working a lot on the trygon and school. and school comes first it sucks but what can u do about it. tho i am not complaining cuz i have been painting all week tho it is boring doing color thery and in a wird way it is fun to do. And to day i made my own lightbox as well!!! it was fun to make i must say that but there is one problem whit it , and it is that the light in it sucks i get a lot of yellow and have to work some more to get it to the point where the images are perfect.

So now i have a lot off stuff in the air trygon,tervigon,swarmloard and the lightbox going on. And when im not working on that i have school and i also sa on the GMN ( not sure on the name have to look it up) blogg that there is a contest to make that dude a new gallary website. so i feel i cant miss that chans to win awsome stuff, u can win a FW titan!!! if u get 5point for your site demo that he then will pick to put live on the net after.

well here are some pic from my lightbox this images has been in photoshop and there i gave them some love. they look a lot better now but still a lot of yellow in it. gave the contrast a bump same for the lvls and i put in some more gamma in to the image to bring it more to the white side.

Above: here you can see the make over it got in Photoshop.
Under: This is the orginal image befor i put it inside of
Photoshop, dark and lots of yellow in it.

Forgot to post how the boxs looks like. I made it out of a wine box and put some bakeingpapper to soft out the light, but as i side befor in the post need to fix that a bit.

well that is all that i have for now, more to come soon the trygon is some at 50% so when it is done i will post a big work log on the big guy

cya muffin ^^

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