lördag 23 oktober 2010

Trygon done !!!!!

Aloha ppl,

So i got my Trygon done last night and here are some pic to show him off to the world. but there are some small things that id like to fix on him but all in he is done. must say it was a fun modell to paint and it was not as hard as i hade in mind when i sa it the first time, there where some parts on him that took some more time but i still think that the Red terror is harder to paint.

i will post a work log on the bad boy in a day or two so keep a look out for that.

on the other hand i sold wharhammer stuff on ebay for about 90 euro and the money was spent on the rule book, venomthrope and two tyranid guards that i got for 7euro. they are bing stript as we speak now. but the next thing that i will work on now is my tervigon that is just saying build me!! paint me!!!! so i must do what i must do :P.

well that is all that i have for now, but keep a look out for the work log in 1-2days. where i will typ down my work flow.

here are some pics on the trygon


cya ppl muffin ^^

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