söndag 24 oktober 2010

Trygon work log

Aloha ppl,

so after a long day bing hung over i got my self to the computer to typ this log down.
this was a fun modell to paint and it will be fun to paint one more, but i have that on ice for now.
when working on this guy i did some new things, first was to wash the green whit a brown and then put a green wash over it this to make the color pop but in a soft way. and i also put some extra brown wash in the craks of the carapues to make them look extra dirty. the red was painted in this way scarab red then a purpel wash over it and then i gave it a highlight of scarab red/blood red 1:1 mix and some water in that to make it nice and thin. when that was done i gave it a orange wash over the highlights to bring it down a bit and then a soft drybrushing of blazing orange.

i magnetist him and a total of 13magnets are in side of this bad boy. was the first time i did this sort of thing and it will not be the last. i also gave it a white baseing as i like to paint on white and not a black baseing. sure u can get in fast and easy shadows and stuff like that but. But the main reson that i paint on white is cuz i dont want the red to turn out to dark.

well when the white was on there i began to paint the red on to the guy. i dont know why i start whit the red but it´s just the thing i do haha. then came the green and after some time that was done. that is the boring part to do paint flats are not fun, but if u skip it or rush it you will se it in the end result. and im not the typ of person to skip a step, better to take your time and make it right.

here are some pics on the green that i gave a new spin, goblin green is my flat color after that i gave it a devil mud wash after that a layer of camo green that is water down a bit dont want it to be to think. after that i did the upper craks of my own mix to give it a dirty look, and that i gave it a havey green wash and some devil mud in the top part of the crak. and last part was to drybrsuh it whit scorpion green and i also hand paint some of the parts.

i gave the adrenalin glands a new color as well, the fex has a purpel. but it took a lot of focus from the modell so this time i did it in a color that blends in to the red/green and is not that big of a eye poper. so i gave it some of my own mix and put in some extra yellow in there and gave it a havey yellow wash as well to make it look all slime and goo look. im sorta happy whit the result but i think that i will try and put in some red, to make it look more poison.

the head was done in the same way as the other onese. flast is a blood red, that i gave a havey devil mud wash after that i did a blood red/ blezing orange mix 1:1 and some water. after that there was just some drybrushing to do and we where done. as you can se it is the same thing over and over, the green was done in the same way as on the rest of the dude.

like i said in the start of the post, this was a awsome modell to paint and it will be fun to paint one more. the modell it self was not so hard to paint so i give it 3 out of 5. but on the other hand i did not do any hard core blening as i still cant bland colors in a good way, but im working on that.

well that is all that i have for now, here are some end result pics hope you enjoy the post.

cya muffin ^^

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