onsdag 6 oktober 2010



So i have been AFK for a long time, first the internt did not come in time then when i got it it did not work but in the end it solved it self and i have internet ones more. but the down time i have been working on some stuff first thing is my death leaper that a lot of fun to paint, i did pull off my hair time to time. but it was a lot of fun to work on him, and i got to do some green stuff work to still not that good at it but im geting there hehe. I will post some better pics on this dude and a small work long that i did as well.

This is the end result that i got on him.

I have also begun my work on my Tervigon and am looking forward to se him/her/it done. I have a solid information on how to make this dude shine and just need to get some clay for the uven after i just have to rock on. I working from a fex kit and a trygon kit but most of it will be from the fex just some small parts from the trygon kit like some claws and pointi things on the back.

Top: Sawing the legs of the fex

Bottom: here you can se the legs
that the Tervigon
is going to have
im going for a crabb look on it

And the last thing iv been working on is my Trygon that is going to be buckets of fun to paint and buckets of paint as well that is the down side of it. I just what to get this two guys done ASPA so that i can put them on the bord to play. as they are two of my main parts of the army, any way the Trygon is all megnetit head, body and all the arms all in all there is 13 megnets in that bad boy. took some time to hand drill it but now it is done.

Well that is all that i have for now more to come soon

cya ppl muffin

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