torsdag 7 oktober 2010

Dark Millennium Online


i know that this is some old news now, but i feelt that i need to do a post about it. First off id like to say that this game looks just awsome, and i think that it is a good move form THQ to make it look a bit like World of Warcraft ( the art style) i have seen a lot of mmo´s out there go for the more real look on stuff and it did not work in there favor. I hoppe from the bottom of my heart that this game is good and not a loot fest. what i mean is that you get to work for the gear and your work. not to do it like wow is doing it now that its all free no work to it. I like the mmos that has the graind in them, but not the over kill grind like Linage II or RF Online that sort of grind is crazy. and i was a dum ass as well to put in the H for that grind gear and lvls.

but back to the game, What do i want to se in the game ? well first of a good Quest system that has fun quests and shows the lore in a good way. Id like to se 5 man dungons at lvl 10-15 to get some cool loot and to do some bosses as well. a nice flow of XP a bit of grind to it but not over kill and last is the PvP system. give us a solid good PvP system that has battel grounds and some form of Arena that you can battel in ranks.

to sum it up:
1: Good solid Quest system that has variation of quests
2: A 5 dungon at LvL 10-15 to get some gare and to se some cool stuff.
3: a Solid PvP system that has battel grounds and Arena
4: ones at the cap sweet ass 10,25 and 40 man raids

here is the new movie for Dark Millennium ejoy i sure did.

cya ppl muffin

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