lördag 25 september 2010


i just found out that my internet is online in the new appartment that we have just moved in to. so now i will be back posting stuff on the net, i can say this. during the time i did not have any internet i did a terminator to a buddy of my. i have put togheter some genstilers,termagunts and hormagunts that are white atm but will get some nice pint over them soon. and i have been working on my deathleaper as well and it is coming along well and i will post a work long on him when he is done. the next part is to start working on my tevigon that i have been looking upp info on this days. and i have a good plan on how to make the eggs but not how to do the body of it, a lot of ppl do it like a fex but im more in line in doing it like a crabb. will se what happens any way a have a lot of stuff going on now so this is going to be a fun winter.


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