lördag 25 september 2010

Tervigon question

I got the idea that id like to make my own tervigon as they kick ass in game as long as you dont get a dubbel on any thing on the dice if you do so i will not get any more babys >_<. but any way i was looking all over the net to find a good way to make the eggs and i fond a lot of diffrent ways of doing this as well. but there was two ppl that i feel for rock hard for and one of them was steveprimebot here is his youtube video enjoy.

the other person that i found out there was Glaven and his awsome tervigon. I sent him a email to ask him how he hade made his eggs to the tervigon, and the
answer that i got back from him was better then i could imagen. He did a fantastic tutorial on how to make the eggs and as a bounes he showed diffrent typ ouf matirials as well. you can all this sweet ass godness here


well that is all that i have for now,


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