onsdag 14 juli 2010

Working on Red Terror


so i have been down in stockholm for a week and it was fun but at the same time it was boring as i did not get any paintjob done. but now that im back home i have been working a lot on my red terror that is coming a long go so far. i got all the colors on him now i just have to glu some small and pain in the ass part to him and not fuck up the paint. as i did when i put the jaw on to head the good news was that i was just the base color esay fix. im going to get some new super glu as i don´t like the GW.

this is the jaw, was not esay to get it on to the main body of the mini.

o and i did my first green stuff work and it was not that easy. can be that my green stuff was old but it was so sticky and all over the place, but i guess that i need to work more on that skill haha

here you can se the green stuff work i did. that was a try to make a new ribb there was a big hole there.

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