söndag 18 juli 2010

first game!!!

the other day i got to play my first game of warhammer 40k and i was fun!!! dont know why i did not play it when i was smaller? any how it was lots of fun and i have to say big thx to my buddy viktor for taking the time to show me the ropes on how to get it down. we did two games and a army list on the 4th edit of the Tyranid codex ( will get the new codex when i get my pay check :P)

and when im not working i im trying to get my red terror done, did some more work on him to day, i also tryed out some new techniques on the big guy, have to say that i did not turn out as planed. Going to have to mix a new color and try and save it.

well that is all that i have for now.

cya muffin

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