fredag 2 juli 2010

red terror


This is the mini that im working on atm after the bug guy a nasty old red terror. that i have bifft up a lot as i feelt that the orginal was to weak.

here are all the part to my red terror i gave him new arms to biff up the action in him.

to make the arm stick to the mini i hade to drill some holes to em, was nervos that i would break the plastic but i was in luck and made it!!

then it was time to try em out to se if the poes was and to se where to put some green stuff in after. i was in luck there where just some small holes that needs to fill up whit green stuff, the back of the arms and around the body and lims of the tin. all in all it will not take a lot of fancy long work to fix it all. i think that this mini will be a lot of fun to paint. and i will try out some new stuff on him as well. will post more ones i have some
the poes was there, lucky me :P
well that is all for now


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