torsdag 1 juli 2010

just some stuff


well iv been working on my big carnefix a lot now and it is done, will do a big post about him later. but for now i will just say what i am up to atm. i just purchase my self a new army from a tread site here in sweden and got it for a go price i have to say, there where a lot of stuff in there and it was a big big tyranid army i got some WHFB and LOTR. but the main point is that there where tyranids. and that is what i was going to talk about just a bit. iv been striping some of the minis of there paint so that i can re-paint them i the colors i want my army in. what i have done so far is a lictor, death leaper, brain bugg and the least one is a broodlord.

but what im working on now is the red terror!! i gave it some biger arms then the ones that i comes whit, so he will look a lot coolor now. all that i have done so far is white on him.

but here is a pic of my death leaper. he is now white :D

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