lördag 20 februari 2010

I have been out on the net looking for different ways on how to clean your figurs from paint. and after a long search on different forums i fond that a loot of ppl in the USA use some sort of Mr:green shit. i got done to the store and lookt for what we have here in sweden and i fond that Ajax was sorta the same stuff. So i got a space marin down in the stuff to see what will happen, i was worry that the model would melt and fuck it all up. good thing was that it workt and i got the pinat of it after some time.

but next time i will have some gloves on me as it burns on the fingers after a while and that was not to funky. my main goal is to strip the paint for some Space marin terminators and i dont want to risk a melt down on them.

Now all have to do is to repeta the process and do it on the rest of my models. it will take some time but i find that process is sort of fun as well. the good thig abut this stuff is that it removes the paint but not the under cote of black that is on them.

And here is the end result that i got from it.

Well that is all for me,


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