fredag 19 februari 2010


So i got my self to start painting and the end result was not so good. but i dont care now as i know from the start that it will sux ass. good thing is that it can only get better from now on so im am not to worry about it. im just enjoying the moment and let it ripp, and some other good new!!

i got me new stuff too day, my Lictors and Carnifex i know that it is big, but it is another thing to hold it in your hand, god damn girl this model is awsome!!!. the lictors are not to bad them self some kick ass action in them to.

but i will star out by showing me space marin that i have been working on too day.

And there you go my space marins, like i told you not so cool. its just a start to get a hold of all the different technique so there are some paint here and there.

for me next project i will paint this small dude, and im looking forward to it. And i will start to work on the colors i will paint my other Tyranids more on that will come later as im not done one all the colors i want. but i will be in the blue,white and grayes and a bit of red on small things to pop.

And now to show you the stuff i got to day, I took some different pic on em. As you can the the Carnifex is not that small. So you do get some bang for the buck. Going to be some awsome ones i get the paint it. but need to practis a lot more before i can move on to that big boy.

well that is all for me to day, later ppl


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