fredag 8 februari 2013

New stuff and Wip

Howdy ppl,

so this has been a fun week for me tho i have not gotten the amount of painting done that id like to but non the less im happy. Last week end a good buddy of my and his wife came by for some coffee and he brhothe his compressor that has been out in the garage for a long time just collecting dust, it´s a small 3L tank in it max 10Bar so it is perfect for the work that i do. And i also got a small present from him that was so random!! A dark elf dragon i don´t play them but the model it self is awesome so when the DW commission is done i will paint that bad boy up.

Yesterday i spent the day getting to know the new compressor, i have done some priming under the week but no paint jobs, so i took the time to try it out on some of my models don´t want to mess up some one else models. And i can get the control that i was looking for so that was a good thing for me. I also gave the oil wash Technic a go i still need to fine tune it a bit more but for the first time i was happy, i want to give the DW terminators the oil as it gives a lot more life then the acrylic was and i also like the fact that i can go back and edit if im not happy how it looks.

so all in all it was a good day for me, to day i will try and get the chaplin all done or at lest 80% done then i can do the rest on Monday.

That is all for now, post a comment if you want to know any thing.

and se you in the next post :D

peace muffin

Priming at 2,5 Bar doing it at 4-3 was not that good.

Here im trying out oil for the first time.

The work station is a mess, but the new spray booth is working just fine.

It cold out side and the fat man needs a blanky to keep warm :D

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hi, can you tell us more about the oil wash?

  2. i can post a tut on how i did it next week. images speak some times better then words :D

  3. Hi, where did you get that nice spray box? Tack på förhand.

  4. Im working on a review now for the spary booth and it will be coming out soon, and im also working on a tutorial on how i just oil paints.

    a lot of things to do and not a lot of time for it :( but im working on it as fast as i can.

    1. Hi

      I like your setup here, very interested in hearing your thoughts on the spray booth when you manage to write it up :)