lördag 9 februari 2013

Chaplin - Wip (soon done)

Howdy ppl,

Last knight i work´t on the chaplin a lot and he is soon done just the last peral at the top of the armour and then i need to give him some line highlights and he will be all done so to have him done on Monday looks like a ok goal atm.

I also got some more work in to my skorne lock and he is coming along just fine, i sat down to look at a movie around 20:30 but after 30min´s i just could not sit down i had to paint more so i got back up and put in some H in to the fat man. I got a lot of stuff done on him on that short period of time so i was happy. I think that i put the brush donw at around 00:00-00:30 not sure tbh.

and on monday i will start to work on the unit and if i can hold my time plan they will be done in a week or so, will have to se if i get more work under the week.

but that is a re-cap of what i did yesterday.

peace muffin

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very nice job on the chaplain dude!! Really like, what I guess is, the airbrush work on the armour. Cudos!!

  2. yes the armour is done whit the airbrush, the rest is done whit the brush. This guy is done now but before I will show him off id like to get more things done.

    thx for the comment m8 :D