onsdag 30 januari 2013

DW - Wip


So the work in the Dw army is a go for now, so far i have only build the HQ and one unit of Knights i will put in some magnets on them just to make them boss. I have not had the time this week to put down a lot of work on them. have a sick wife at home and now that i have some days of work i need to take care of her and do all the other things at home haha.

but now i will make some new coffie and them i will start to prime the chaplin and give him some love.
As for my self i have a skorne caster that i will start to work whit to, need to get more models done in that army to so i have a lot of things now on the table.

and here are some WIP images of what i have so far, enjoy.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ser bra ut även om jag föredrar Mor Annas. =P

  2. jag har precis blivigt klar med armarna, så nu går det att flyta runt på dom. imorgon kommer jag att börja grunda den här batchen och börja måla lite på Mr:chaplin. sitter och fundera hur jag ska måla dom här killarna på bästa set. men det är roligt att jobba med stora marins :D