måndag 1 oktober 2012

So what im i working on??


Well you my ask your self what is the muffin working on now then?? well im still working on some cryx models for my self and also the skorne army that im building up now. I will go out and pick up the rest of the army tomoz so im all pumpt on that oboy oboy is it going to be fun to have new toys :D

And im also working on some Nercrons and a FoW model what FoW model it is i will not tell now this will be a small surpris when it comes out. The necrons was part of my golden demon this year but i did not have the money to go over to england and be there. So the plan now is to paint all my models that i was going to take there and some more i have one year to do it.

and it will also be nice to work on things for a long time not like the armys that i paint in a short amount of time. but the necrons yes well they are models that are awsome i must say and i think i will sell this when they are done. I doing them in the GW colours but in my own way they are still Wip so there is a lot of work to be done on them.

And in other new´s I found this models to day and i just feel in love whit em at ones. The undead army and the small dudes that liv in the forest are the best. Have a look at the game and models i think this can be a fun game, but i will get some minis just to paint them i think.

Here is a link to there site >>LINK!!!!!<<

enjoy muffin

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