onsdag 17 oktober 2012

Skorne on the way, two down a lot more to go.


When i have not been at work i have been at home working on my Skorne army that is on the tabel atm, I have a 50P list that is my goal for now. and I think that i can have it done in 3-4 weeks if i don´t slack of and do other things that im not to do.

So far i only have two solos done but a lot more is coming out, I have a big bronzback that is a bit more then 50% done now and i will be pating up two more solos just to have them done. I did this two here just to give me a bit more motivation it is inportent for a painter to get some things done now and then just to keep you going. If you paint on to many larg things that will take a lot of enarge from you and on you pating stamina and if you just paint and panit you will end up whit a paint burn.

And im not in the mode to get in one of them not that i just got out of the one i was in, but i have a good speed on things now.

I have also done some test models on the Ultramarins not 100% happy whit the out come but they are looking good, i don´t have a image on that atm but will post one next time so that you can se what im up to. Is fun to do a SM army this is the first Sm army that i get to do and i have been pating for 3years now and commission pating for about 1,5 year.

enjoy muffin

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