fredag 12 oktober 2012

bronzback wip and space marines on the works.


It is time to post some more on the bronzback that im working on atm, don´t have a lot to say about it just now more then im trying out how far you can go whit blood on a model. Im this time i have gone bananas on it. will add some more later when i have more work done on it. will paint the rest of the purpel and then i need  to add all the dirt to it. im also going to try paint it whit acrylic pigment from crayons just need to find a art store where i can buy them.

And in other news im going to start working on a space marine army that i have here at home. I was going to paint them in medusa colours but now im more for ultra marines and i think that will be the faction that i will go for now. the first thing i will paint up is a 10 man squad.

peace muffin

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