måndag 6 augusti 2012

Jack and tyranid done.


last week i got one of the tyranids done and the jack was done under the weekend. tho i had some ppl over here from the US i found the time to get all the things done. Im not super happy whit how the jack came out but what can i do. In no way dos it look bad and the cool part is, that i did it whit a broken airbrush how´s that for some mad skills haha.

I have been working a bit on the broodlord now, but i think that it is better that i do the tyranid warriors that have some paint all ready. this week and next will be tyranid attack from planet hell week wiii!!!!!

I will also poke in some of my cryx in there need to have my own warmachine army done by the end of aug so there will be no time to sleep, but i don´t think there will be a problem whit that. I am also working on a review on the new commpressor that i just got it´s big and bulky but i love the big thing. now i can work for a longer time and i get more things done and the best part is that i can play whit the PSI to get some cool FX. need to work some more on that as that is all new for me but fun things are coming now.

and now it is time for some images, enjoy.

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