tisdag 31 juli 2012

been a bit sick.


last week was not awsome for me at all, i was sick as hell but now im doing a lot better just some stress problems whit my stomach that makes it hurt like it is now ones business, crazy body.

But things that i have done on my down time is, gotten the last tau done images on them are to come soon. I have also done the last troop test tyranid, it was a lot of fun to paint that flappy and i gave the wings on it a new twist. Think that it will stand out a lot when you have 10+ of t hem side by side images are coming tomoz.

I was going to post some WIP images on the two jacks im working on but i forgot all about it to day as i got in the flow and work on pretty good on them, now i just need to lay down the red and then all the colours are on them. after that the fun part starts and that is to make it look like crap but in a good way.

I have also found a proxy model for my cryx army, but i will not say what model it is yet. my plan now is this. ones i have all my commission work done i will sit down 2-3 month and just paint up my cryx army. i have a lot of models and they all need my love i also have some models that i need to convert to brute thralls. for that i will be working whit one of my fav models ever and that is the Island of blood skaven rat oger. it is the size that i need and i finde them to be so cool the only down side is that they have fur. but i will find some way to work on that.

well that is some of the things that i have going for me over here. more fun stuff to come soon so stay tuned for some more fun stuff.

now i will hit the bed and get better, cuz feeling bad or to be sick sux.

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