måndag 23 juli 2012

New workspace

Hi there,

Under this time i have also gotten a bigger workspace that is just a blast to have. i don't know how long the bored is but it is long as hell!!! i can fit a full army and all my crap at the same time, i still don´t have a system on how to work on it but im working on it as we speak now hehe.

but it is so nice to have a good work area now and that i can have all the things up when im working, it also makes it easy for me to rotate the different projects im working on. i for the most part have tree things that im working on some time more but never over 5 things at ones. that never works and i know that and will never do that mistake ever again

and i have also gotten my new airbrush that is so sweet to work whit, the only problem that i have now is that my kompressor is broken and i need a new one, but soon it is pay day and i know what i will go out and get. i have not just it a lot just cuz that i don´t want to risk any dum ass slipp so that it will break not that will happen. but for now i only run my old ones and they are broken to, so i need a new bad brush to.

but my Iwata Eclips is awsome, it is so nice to work whit it. more on this airbrush to come when i get my new gear.

This made me lol XD..feels like a no brainer but no.

The old workspace.

the new one, a lot more space to work on. this is my 1.2V ^^

peace muffin

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