tisdag 22 maj 2012

Skaven Rat Ogers - Done

Howdy ppl,

I have just gotten my Rat Ogers done now, they where to be in this years Fang in sthlm. but i did not get the time to finish them of in time. Will try and paint them all for AoP later on this year, will be fun to paint a fantasy army. It somthing i have never done all this years so it is about time to do a crazy thing like that.

the images did not turn out the way i was going for, and i will re-take them ones i have a small foto studio up and running here at home. the green and yellow is not that strong when you look at it live, crazy sky that gave me stronger colours then what it is.

but here you have them two of many more to come later on this year. It was a nice mini to work on.

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