tisdag 6 december 2011

MERCS jobb - cryx on hold =(

 Howdy ppl,

Well this is a new job that i got my self, was talking to a dude at a local store. and that I was intrastate in playing/pating some mecrs minins. And some weeks later a got a post on FB about pating some models for the store. So this is my first jobb for a store and it feels good to paint some stuff that ppl will get to se and play whit. And i got the faction that i like the most the CCC i also got a copy of the rule book to get me going whit the pating and also to get in to the game.

this is a game i my self have been looking at for some time now, i think that it can work if the get a good game system to it and to have 6 minins for a army is just awsome fast and easy. When i came home i just had to sit down and work whit this guys. They where not easy to build small areas to pin but i gave it some time and now it all where it needs to be. Just need to do some small GS work and then they are done.

Bad news is that i will not make my WM pating mark as this guys need to be done ASAP, and id like to get them done fast to so that the store is not up my ass about it hehe.

 as i was working whit the minin one of the guys had part of the form stuck to him, this is the first time a thing like this has happen to me. 

Here is the family dog, his name is Rocky epic dog. 

That is all for now, 
muffin ^^

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