måndag 7 november 2011

More cryx

howdy ppl,

I have now found my lost motivation to paint ones more, just need to paint up the last DE and then it is all system go for my Warmachine army. As a carrot for my self i have now build up a lot of stuff so that it can look at me and tell me to speed up!!!! the sad thing is that when i was working on my nebra here left arm just broke BOOMM just like that. I did get a tear in my eye and i also got a bit pisst that they snap so easy.

I have sent a mail to PP and ask them for a new arm so i will se what happens, in the mean time i spent the day to day to put in magnet in to my helljacks so that they to are ready to go. Need to paint 50p for next year big tournament going down then. so i need to have them TT++ so that i can win the best painted army. that is my main goal whit the amry to win some games is awsome but i feel that my power is in the paint.

now to show off some WIP´s that will motevait me to paint ones more.

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