tisdag 11 oktober 2011



I have been bad on the updates i know, have had a lot of stuff in school and also a bit of a dry spell for pating.
Tho i did build up my DJ and some other WM things and im also working on the last bit of DE. But for now i have lost the feel to paint for a bit, but will try and find it asap.

im also thinking of going over to my tau army paint them up and play them a lot more, i know they suck in 40k but now days i dont give a crap. have have been playing my tyranids a lot and after 6 month of play i still do not have a win in the game. well i think i have two all in all that is still low if you look at all the times i have lost =(

that is also i big reason for me to go over t o WM less models to paint smaller bord and i get to win a lot more games in there. And im also aming now to get in to the ETC team here in sweden, to get in to the 40k team is a small chans but i think i have a lot bigger chans of geting in the the ETC WM tema. Just need to put in the time and i will be there in now time.

well that is a bit on my mind as for now, will post some pic tomoz on the things im working on .

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