tisdag 4 oktober 2011

I finally got the Deathjack

Howdy ppl,

After my tournament this weekend in uppsala i loged on to my lockal game stor to have a look at some stuff for a new T4 list. And i sa that they had gotten in  bad as DJ that was a insta buy to me. Why you ask, well they have been out of stock from march I think any how, the wait has been a long for this guy. But now I can start to make them cool bad ass 35p lists.

I also got a chans to play him to day, can´t say that it was a hit as i got him  lockt in combat and then killed. Just need to get some more games to work out all the bugs in my list that im runing atm. Well back to the DJ, all the parts have been washed and are drying as we speak now. I have also my ide done for the base, he will be walking over a tempel face in the swamp. I will be cuting up the base to get some more water in there, and also to pin him down go. He will need to sit there go as this guy is super heavy, the face was a bit of miss cast but i can live whit that.

well that is all for now,

muffin ^^

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