tisdag 6 september 2011

Maill week ^^

First out is the Slayer or the Helljack as it is called. He feel in to my mail box this monday and the box was to big to get out there. So I had to open it in the hall way like a dum ass, I feelt so  stupid when I was on all for to get it out of my mail box haha.

I fixt him up under my class that i had it was a long lesson just 4/H so no biggy^^ any how I fixt him and pop in magnets so that i can play him as a Slayer or Reaper so that is sweet, magnets are a manse best friend.

And to day I got my letter from Mr:cheez him self big thx
for the bit. Now I can get to work on my Crankwork I don´t like the face you get to him. So i will put this face on him to make him look more like a man. And it is always fun to get letters from a friend whit some godis so thx for this one Orc McCheez u da mon ^^

that is all for now
peace muffin.

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