söndag 4 september 2011


howdy ppl,
 This Friday i was looking a bit on a forum and sa that a buddy of my has gotten a lot of stuff done. So and I my self have been working on a lot of things at ones, so I needed to get somthing done to get up my own motivation. My pray for the night was this two guys, they did not take that long to paint up. Im giving speed painting a go so this is what i got.

This was also the first try to get a good rust/wetherd feel to them, the problem that i got was to much metel paint on my sponge. that is all for now, next up is ogers that have been done some days now just need to take som pic´s of them. And i also have a lot of DE to show of soon just need to fix up a elit slot and then it is pic time.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Cool looking rippers dude. I really like the pose of the one on the rock. How did you do the rust?

  2. thx man, the rust was done whit pigments. That i got from denniz, still need to work on how to get it on. Looks a bit wired i think.

    all that is left now is to fix upp the base and get the arcs on there.