fredag 5 augusti 2011

pistol wraith - done


Yesterday when i was coming home from town it hit me that id like to press my self a bit in speed pating, and still have it in a good TT standerd. So I took my pistol wraith and gave it shoot the hole thing took me about 2 ½ H to do. And im happy to say that the turn out was more then ok, i still have a lot more to learn when it come to speed paint whit the airbrush and brush. But im a good bit on the way i think.

This guy will get to rock the table tomoz as i will be in a WM tournament and i know that ppl will kick my ass like a mother. I still play the game as it was 40k hehe, but will do my best.

and here are some pic´s on the guy feel free to give me some feed back. I also need to learn how to paint blue, not so good on that colour

that is all for now.


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