måndag 8 augusti 2011

Cryx on the move.

Howdy howdy ppl,

boy do i have a story for you to day, yes sir I do. This weekend I was at a Warmachine tournament and boy did ppl reap me. I was a lot of fun and i got a better hang of the game, and i also got to se a lot of different tactics for the Cryx that im playing. Another thing that was a lot of fun was to meet all the diffrent ppl that was there. The play lvl was from n00b to pro i was one of the n00bs, and i got therd place from the bottem that is bronz in being bad. But im happy all in all whit the day, when i came home I just feel in to my couch my head was hurting form all the gaming and a feel a sleep in a flash.

and now it is pic time ^_^

Game time, and the draw was on. who will I get to play ??

I got to play against my buddy Guss man.

round 2 for me Cryx Vs Cryx this is where i get fubar. It hurt like a mother but was good fun to se what all the different things did. I need to get some shadows combine and a surgent asap they rock like a mother.
Khador Vs Khador rock it boys, i don´t know who won the that game but my money is on the big guy. He looks to be on fire ^^
here comes the pain, he kills some I kill some. then he res some and i get creamed hahah.

YYYAAaaAAAaRRRrrrAARRrrrrr the bades caster in the game is out for blood, look out smurfs I will eat you all !!!!!!
This was the best game of them all, I got to play trhax and whit out knowing it I hade a awsome kill-hordes-list. The only thing i need to do now is learn how to play the game and this list, and in no time i will have some more wins under my belt. Thx björn for a awsome game and all the help you gave me.

And here is the winner, big gz to Mr: Greenlock

1. Greenlock (Khador)
2. Sinsect (Cryx)
3. Blueskin (Circle)
4. Sockerplast (PoM)
5. Hindisis (Cryx)
6. Refraint (Legion)
7. Roxo (PoM)
8. Dementation (Khador)
9. Arlaharen (Minions)
10. Gustav (Cygnar)
11. Niklas (Cygnar)
12. Muffin (Cryx)
13 Benknäckarbjörn (Trollbloods)
14. Erik H (Khador)

and that is that.


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