måndag 25 juli 2011

wraithlord part 1 done


last week I got my wraithlord on the mail, and boy was I happy to se it. I got busy whit the big guy and put in some magnets here and there. I also did a small conversion work on him. Im not a big fan of the sword sorry to say it. So i gave him the grim reaper wepon can´t think of the name now

and gave him a bit of a dynamic pose, im happy whit what i got but the next one will be a lot wilder then this one. next up is to paint it but that will be in some weeks from now, as i have a lot on the tabel atm and working it down as fast as i can.

that is all for now


2 kommentarer:

  1. Looking great man! Now I want to do an Eldar army to! By the way, "scythe" is the word you are looking for:)

  2. thx denniz, i got a small brain frezz there. ya i have my eldar army in some boxes. i think that i will do them before the tau now.

    and when i get my pay check i will go out and grab my last WL, and get busy. the good part about the eldar army is that all i need to do is spray them.