torsdag 21 juli 2011

My work station


It is about time to show you my work space again, last time it was a bit clener and nicer. Now it just looks like some one was killed over my tabel. And I have a lot of thing going at the same time now as well so here is a small run down on what you will se on the pic´s.

This is where they get the love, ogers and DE that are getting some work. the ogers are soon done they just need some small things done to them. The bitches are sort of done as well just some small things left on them.

here are all my paint and some tyranid on stand by to get there primer. the white mug is my air brush mug so that I have clean water all the time.
here is the self, on the top are wip things that are beeing worked on now. as you can se there are a lot of DE shit there,mi that im pressing out now I don´t what to paint any DE for a year or so now. under is where I have current things im working on and all my glue so i can get to them fast.

that is all for now.
muffin ^^

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ser jag möjligen några Space hulk terminators uppe till höger?:)
    If someone got killed sure wasn´t by Dexter!;)

  2. nopp there are no space hulk stuff there danniz, the only thing i have going in SM is a black havey bolter guy.and no i think that dexter to the day of here haha