onsdag 22 juni 2011

venethrax - WIP

Aloha ppl,

long time now post and im sorry for that, I have had a lot in school now this last weeks. But now it is over until august. I have been painting up a lot of DE I have to ships 50% done tree sails have magnets and the crew are on the way.

And to day I got back my airbrush that broke down ( crap airbrush) any how Mr:Venethrax is now on the works and now I have had my first go at painting metal ( god damn that is some hard shit) the metal is done for now. I also got the cloth painted and it just need some fixing and it will be done. I love the model and I just want to paint him up now, but I have to pack for my trip. Will be going how to my folk for a week or so.

And now it is time for some Pics, enjoy ppl ^^

I cut out the webbing that he had in his feet, that just felt so gay to have it there.

Well that is all that I have for now, next up are some more DE that will fly up next week

muffin ^^

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