torsdag 14 april 2011

Some experimenting whit the airbrush

Hey guys,

So after a day of study i got home had a look on the net on some new tutorials at dakkadakka, and it hit me there that i need to get my self some häftmassa to mask of the places i don´t want paint. So i hit the town at ones and got my self some of this stuff and it works like a sharma man!!

Here you can se the parts that are maskt out. This stuff is a lot better then the masking tape that i had last night.

Note to self: do not push it in so damn hard you Moran!!! it took off some paint for me, but it was a easy fix so no biggy. but next time i will not do the same mistake.

And here you can se them done, all i need to do now is paint the face, hoves and the tubes to is cannon and he is done. Think i will get this done by the end of the week i think, have some other plans but we will see.

that is all for now ppl,

muffin ^^


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