onsdag 13 april 2011

paint to u drop !!

Aloha ppl,

So after i got my Mandrakes done i did some work on the witches that are next in line to get some paint. Don´t think that there will be any problems on this guys, there are some small things on them here and there.

And after I was done whit them i did some work on my biowar that have been looking at me now for a week just asking to get some love, so they got it at last. I got all the colors on them and gave the red some air brush work the green got a first set of wash and the tubes got nada. Well one of them did and i gave it a glaz of dwarf flesh/purple. Think that the turn out was just what i was after need to put in some more dwarf flesh to tone it up a bit. So i think that they will turn out good man.
And to day i got one of thos uber crazy ide´s and i cold not stop my self from doing it, you know when i get all the way down in to your brain and you cant stop thinking about it and you just have to do it. Well it was one of thos moment that i got in to, the first thing that i did wrong on this guy was to paint the red first and then the green. it is a lot easyer if you paint it the other way whit a air brush. I spent like one hours on just masking out all the red part of the big guy. I will not do the same thing again.

This is the box that i work in when taking out my air brush, its a old beer box that i cut open to give me more space for the arms and it works ok easy to put a way. One thing that awsome whit the air brush is that it is so fast, this tyrant takes me 1day to just paint the block colors i did all the steps in 1½ hours if i take away the masking part. I just need to work up some more control and technique on the air brush and i will be all set.

well that is all for now boys and girls

enjoy muffin ^^

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