tisdag 19 april 2011

Raider Wip 3


So i was trying out some stuff on the raider to day before i take of for easter. I was not to happy whit the lines that i did on the raider and gave the aribrush a try, the turn out was super bad as my paint was to wet and the hole thing feel a part.

So i gave a another ide a try and i got a lot better result. Resone why im trying to find a good typ of line to the raider is that it has to look "Tron" like and give sort a glow from it. And the normal typ of lines you do dose not work for me they are just to big.

I will have to strip this ship down and start over on it, it´s not that big of a problem but it is sort of a bummer i must say.

good thing is that you learn for your mistakes.

This is me trying to mask out the blue so that i can get sort of a glow effect, did not work at all.

Here you can se the two typs of lines that i did on it, i will do the typ in the back they feel the best to me and gives a tron look.

Well that is all i have for now, will be fun to work on this ships when i come back home, have lots of things that id like to try out.

cya ppl,

muffin ^^

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  1. Try work with inks and washes for the stripes. Make the stripe wider than you want it and the shade it down. That could work:)