måndag 18 april 2011

Boom there is a Biowar out there !!!

Aloha ppl,

So i got two of my biowars done now, this where part of my Airbrush experemnt and the turn out was really good for me. I had to play around a bit on some different types of masking technique. I now i find one that works good for me, so i will keep on doing them this way for a bit longer.

I will have to paint up to more and there im done for now, ones i have my new list i will paint the outer two that i have so that i can play 3x2 but for now 2x2 works good for me. Next up now is to fix up my hive tyrent so that i can show him off on the table.

But here you have them all done and nice, am happy whit this guys and know they will do my proud out on the table.

that is that

muffin ^^

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