måndag 11 april 2011

The box and some more


Last week i got my self a cool box in the mail that hade some godies for me, inside of the box there where 2 boxs of new stelers and two hive guards in the blister. This guys are the last thing that i need atm for my nidz list that im running. I will post the list later in the week need to fix some small things in it all in all the list has two tervigons and lots of stelers.

any how back to the box, when i open the box and sa all that sweet stuff i just hade to build all the stelers at ones, they are now done and i just need to base cote them.

Later that same day when i was in town i went in to a store to get a layer of fome for my army bag, and there in front of me i fond some awsome starship trooper bugs. And it hit me that i can take the under part of this guys to make me my Prime that i am after. four legs and look sorta like a crab that is what im going for. I had to open the box and se them for my self and to my big surprises they did not need any glue to build, it was snap ons haha.

Well that was the big thing for me last week, enjoy ppl

muffin ^^

3 kommentarer:

  1. The Starship trooper bugs are sweet! I have had my eye´s on them before when I had a thought about starting Tyranids. It´s a good thing I never did, I would have been ruined!;)

  2. haha, i feel ya man. if you like you can have a bug to paint or for bitz if you like.