måndag 11 april 2011

GG man!!


Last week i was at my game clubb and hade my self a game tyranid VS Dark Eldar. This is a faction that i dont like to play again cuz they are awsome bug zappers. And have a lot of nasty shit that can come at you from the other side of the bord. For the most part i get to spawn 1 time whit my tervigon. But not to day!! This mad mommas where going nuts and i got termas from em turn 2-5. When you have that sort of luck on them you know evil things will happen.

And down here you can se the start of the game "Timmy the termagunat" now he was going nuts i tell ya. not only dos he zap a dude but he makes one hell of cover save. "in your face elf boy!!!!"

Feel the power of Hive Feet Watermelon elf boy !!!!! aaarrggg!!!!

Now this part down here was just to awsome, i hade one wound left on my tyrant. Tyrant vs arcon as you know this guy will insta kill you if he gets a 6. I was in luck and the acron misst me and i got to give hem some of my medecin and floord him for the first time, boy did that feel good pay back is a bitch !!

that is it for me now,


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