måndag 7 mars 2011

The tyranids are alive.... aging lol

aye ppl,

so last week i got my self some super go (Monday-Thursday) what did i get done, well i got 3 raveners build and red gave them a wash as well. built up 4 biowars and got the red two of them got a wash as well.

And i hade to make one set of Devs to my Hive Tyrent the turn out was ok just need to do some more green stuff work to fill up some gapes here and there ( will post some pics on them laster). And i also got around to give him a extra set of talons and some crushing claws as well, i love the crushing claws that is why i gave it to him. The tyrent got some red primer over him as well. that is a ok week if you ask me, just hit me that i need to shape up my army i cant proxy them any more.

This is what you se if you play my army...some bodys there and more over there, a leg over here and half a zomthrop. cant have that any more man time to build it up and get some paint on them.

that is all for now.

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