onsdag 16 mars 2011

The new list


well i have been trynig out a lot of diffrent list now, and i fond one that i will test some more, and here it is.

Swarm lored x 1
Tyrant Guard wip x 2

Hive Guard x 3

Zoanthrop x 2
Mycetic Spore

Termagant x 20

Tervigon x 1 Catalyst/Cluster
genstilers x 23 toxin

Raveners x 5 rend claws

Heavy support
Bio war x 2
Bio war x 2

it´s a list that will take time to play in a good way, and you also need a lot of luck on the dice to get things in to the bord and the terva to pump out a lot of babys. so far i only get here to pump one round of new termas but i know that i will get my lucky game soon where i get tree rounds termas and bring in all the stelers on tunr 2. and there the game is on man !!

well that is sorta all that i have for now. I will soon have 8 more Dark Eldar done and then all the warriors will be done just 20 bitches left and then all the troops are done just elits and transport left.

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