torsdag 6 maj 2010


so i was out and got my self a big bugg i fond on here in sweden, was this dude that sold lots of stuff. any how the thing lookt like a mess when i got it and when i sa it for the first time a part of me just died in side. but i took him any way it will work ok to have in the army, so when i got home i put him down in some shit to let it work him up. after 30min or so i gave it a ruff spunge baths and rubbed it where i could. and the part that suckt big time is that the bugg hade like a layer of 3-5mm of PAINT!!!!!

but after some hour it took some shape and it looks ok, will still be a bit bumpy ones i get some paint on it. but on the other it fun to have some small prodjekt to keep you going and you get the chans as well to try out some new stuff, and if it go rong mhe what the hell. well down here you can se my end result that i got. now i just need to spray it and then we are all set to go man. will be fun to try and paint this guys.

well that is all that i have now,


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