fredag 14 maj 2010


been a while now sen i did a post, i did some work last week but i forgot to post it. so here it comes. was painting my tyranid in the red/green color scheme. and it is looking good so far, i only done one layer of red and to layers of green three if you take the green ink i did as well. but you can say that it is like 45% done now still need to work more on the red and the end details.

this is how my hand was looking after i was done on the carni, next time get the gloves be for you take of the paint on a toon. did not hurt or any thing but dont think that it was so good for my hands.

this is where i do my work, it a small apartement so you have to make the best out of it. works good so far.

and now to my buggs, at last. so this is what i have so far on them the green have to layers a dark tone and a light one then i gave it a havey ink of green to make it more dark.

I gave a spore minne a go as well to se how it would look, and it turned out ok i think not to bad. need to work some more on that red to make it pop some more. but we are geting there.

thats all for now


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