måndag 3 maj 2010


i have now spryed my buggs white to get the red color to em a bit better, and i have to that it was fun to spry them. was my first time to do this sort of thing so i was not perfect the color was a bit thicker on some parts but the end result was ok for me. just need to work it in to my system a bit more but dont think it will take that long to master tbh.

here you can se that the genestealer have a black undercoat and soon they will be whtie to make the red color stick to em better.

Presto!!! they are white, happy days ^_^

And the other day i fixt my laptop and to that i need to get all the programs and drives back in to it. one of them was my Wacom drivs, and it hit me that i can do the painting in Photoshop. That is the best way to speed paint and to find out what color works and dos not work. so i got to it, just for a bit need to spend some more time in there. But atm i have a lot in school not funny at all. will have to spend all the week and weeked in my books and computer working on MS SQL,SQL and PhP. but any way, i was in PS dont some painting and this is what i got so far. i know its not good but the main point is to se the color combo and not the a nice painting.

Will try and get some more pics up as soon as i get some free time to work on my buggs agin. and the line are is from the Tyranid codex 4. Well that is all that i have for now ppl.


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